Poll: What do you wear?
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10 13%
1/2 pyjamas (only top or bottom)
13 16%
31 39%
13 16%
Something completely different (and explain what)
13 16%
Voters: 80.
At night? Do you sleep in pyjamas, half pyjama (only top or bottom), butt-naked or with underwear or something completely different?

Answer and feel free to explain why your sleep outfit is superior to that of someone else's.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
^aww man we just got served big time!
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
Hairy tits.

I don't understand why people do that, does it give you a feeling of freedom or something?

EDIT: to sleep naked.
I just need about $3.50

I'm the motherflippin'
atomic48 u have no business in shorts
i sleep in boxers and pajamy pants, shirtless
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Pyjamas for the win!

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Pyjamas. Its almost 1 in the afternoon and I still got them on

Thank christ I'm not the only one
Who sleeps in clothes? :P
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I sleep in whatever pants I'm wearing at the time. Usually either shorts or pyjama pants
Winnie the Pooh silk Pyjamas.
It's morning and I'm still in them.
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I've got my rat out
I have pj's from japan that are basically a cow sleep suit for adults....they rule
(No im not kidding either)

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Thank christ I'm not the only one

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boxers and t shirt. I've tried sleeping naked a few times and I cannot do it. I keep waking up.
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boxers and t shirt. I've tried sleeping naked a few times and I cannot do it. I keep waking up.

Yeah it's really uncomfortable, I once woke up after drinking and I was completely naked, it was the weirdest feeling ever, combined with the whole 'where the fuck did my boxers go?'.
It really depends on how hot/cold it is.

Changes a lot in Australia.
If it's cold(like it is now) it'll be pj's, maybe even a hoodie. If it's hot, briefs, maybe a tshirt.
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usually either naked or in my boxers, sometimes i wear pajama bottoms and a top in the winter, and sometimes i sleep in whatever i was wearing that day.
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