This is the first part of my solo project and I'm using it as a demo.
Disclaimer: vocals have to be added yet and there are two small mistakes in the solo - remember it's just a demo

Thoughts? C4C
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I actually listened to this soon after I posted my thread!

Alright well, I don't like instrumentals of this genre that much. You did a decent job on it though, your recording quality was very good although the guitar tone could be tweaked. Since its a demo though, its alright and I'm sure you'll fix it.

The solo is a little bit off time in some parts but, again, you'll probably nail it in the real recording.

Its a nice song, just tends to be a little repetitive. Keep recording it and we'll see in the final version, though. Good luck!
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I like the darkness within the intro.
I really like what was going on at the 1:50(ish) mark, very soothing!
Over all, great work!

Crit Mine?
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