I found this online store (http://petercooks.co.uk/), and to be honest, it seems suspiciously cheap to me :P I saw an epi LP for 200 pounds, which is about £100 cheaper than most stores near me, and £50 cheaper than GAK.

I was unable to find any 3rd party info about the site. Basically, Im wondering if anyone here has experience with ordering from there and if they're trustworthy sellers =]

Sorry in advance if this is the wrong forum
I've seen ads from them in magazines many times, so if it's a scam, it's a very big one.
I know for a fact my guitar teacher has bought several guitars from them and they are highly regarded by him and as MrHankey put, if its a scam, its a very large-scale one due to their marketing.
I'd definitely say they were legit
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Ok, thanks for the input guys

Will likely be ordering from them as soon as they let me know if they have the Epi LP's in stock ^_^
i visited their shop to buy an Epi LP - they had lots of nice ones there, but I ended up driving down to Brighton to get a better price (£25 less).

I spent £30 on petrol. im so stupid