ok ive been playing for 5 months, mostly just shredding, i didnt jump into chords. i can play some amon amarth, and some ensiferum songs. and a bunch more. i got power chords down pat, but im not sure how im supposed to start to tackle chords.
well, first probably just memorize the open majors and minors, which you can use to play a lot of simple songs, but to get more diverse...
i also have a good book called mel bays rhythm guitar chord system or sumpthin. its pretty much like a big chord index and it has excercises and stuff to practed the changes and stuff. check it out.
Learn chords that are in songs you want to play is a good place to start.

From there I bought a small chords book and I task myself with learning some as and when I wish.
www.chordbook.com - love this site
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