My friend is looking for a guitar and he could use some help.
This is the list: List

Notice that the site is croatian but if you click on the guitar you can get english specifications.
Also, the prices are in croatian kunas or HRK. ---> He is willing to spend about 3000 kn for the guitar.

(1$ = 4.6 kn / 1euro=7.2 kn........therefore......3000kn = 410~euro / 650$)
Any suggestions?
i don't see those guitars on list which one Nitkov gave you.
no. this is only one shop with quality equipment, like microphones etc. and very big shop... on that list is only some of guitars they have. they didn't put all stuff on web page.

ok then.. what do you recommend from guitars? price to 650$

(i'm that friend which want to buy guitar)