Poll: Is Fall Out Boy's version of Beat it good in your opinion?
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View poll results: Is Fall Out Boy's version of Beat it good in your opinion?
yes it better than the original
7 11%
no it sucks
41 67%
cant decide
13 21%
Voters: 61.
How about an option for "it's not great, not terrible, just okay"?
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we were never meant to hold on.
I thought it was alright. Nothing amazing though.
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Confused? Good.

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I nearly cried at the butchering of the solo. Other than that, it was decent.
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It gets plus points for having buster from arrested development in the video.
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It's listenable, at least it isn't as bad as their cover of walk.


They covered walk? OUCH
Your poll is ****ing stupid! There's no choice that says 'it's alright but not as good as the original' which, I think if we all put our FOB prejudices aside, we will basically agree on.
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Bad poll.

Who is going to say it's better than the original, REALLY?

I mean, ****ing MJ And Eddie Halen? I think not!