Seymour Ducans "Blackouts"

Or other (please do explain)

I need something with good highs and lows and that has very little to no hum
EMG actives are amazing. I've had mine for over a year, there's no hum and they squeal like craaaaaaaaazy. They're great for anything especially metal
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I really like the Lace drop & Gain pickups, they're very tight, bright sounding. Perfect for fast rhythm and lead guitar, and they sound great with low tunings.
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I agree, EMG81's are awesome Especially for trash and some melodic death metal imo.
i wouldn't recommend running actives through that amp. get a nice set of passives, like a D-Sonic/Air Norton. or you could try out the new D-Activators for that active sound without the battery.
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Thats probably some of the best advice I've ever received on here.
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I'm running an Ibanez MIMX 65W. Its a great amp for Thrash and Heavy metal, along with some melodic metalcore on the side lol

uhh... well i take it youve never played out of a peavey 5150 before... If you want to sound more "br00tal" with better tone, you will need a hi-gain tube amp...