"In 10 years time we'll have all these 30-year-olds on I Love 2008 talking about how embarrassed they are to have been emos. We'll have a Tory prime minister who's a Fall Out Boy fan."
- BBC News

End This Fad, It's Gone On Far Too Long
"Blues is what you got when everything else is
gone." - J.Lansdowne
i saw it!!!! over a week ago...
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Now with 20 percent more Allah!!!

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that'd be slightly creepy if i didn't find it so amusing.
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someone explain!

look in the stands n see the KKK
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Haha, owned!
U win fender.

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teacher- Some slave owners would fight duels using their slaves
Me- So, sort of like Pokemon with people..Black man, I choose you!
o i c

there's a dude called obama speaking to people

whats with the KKK?
Hull City A.F.C

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the kkk took obama away...

for ramones reference

We'll win something someday

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Falkirk is the home of runners up.

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the kkk took obama away...

They took him away, away from me...

So, What's the picture?