Before I buy a guitar, I have this one question to ask.

I have short fingers, and sometimes have a hard time manuevering between the frets and strings, even doing chords. Is there anything I can do to make it easier? (guitars with smaller frets etc.)

thin necks?

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^I find them hard to play

Maybe a shorter scale length- like a fender jaguar/mustang?
I'm quite the beginner as well, and don't want to spend too much.. Could you recommend some models?
i have the fattest damn fingers on the planet, and i do fine with my tele, i think it just takes some getting used to
Try a Hagstrom neck,I'm regretting letting mine go already. Maybe after my G400 gets a pro set up I won't but right now
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i have really short fingers and i prefered my fender neck to my ibanez.

fretboad width is more important than neck thickness.
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i've got short ish and chubby fingers and i find that playing in the classical position helps an awful lot when playing. Just a suggestion.
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