I dont know if this will get moved, i hoping it wont. But when buying a guitar, do looks play a big factor in your purchase. meaning if it plays amazing but looks like wicked ugly, would you still buy it. Or if its the most amazing looking guitar youve ever seen and plays good, would you still buy it.
playability is the most improtant at your stage, you dont need to look cool until your playing live lol
but make sure you kinda liek it, or you wont wanna play it
Go for sound but be sure to buy one that looks okey or good...Or you will ending up hating it haha
COLOR=Black]Når du itte vart som du sku for du verra som du æ!

Det var en liten hilsen fra bestemor til meg
As long as it doesn't have a picture of Hitler on it or anything like that, I'd buy an ugly guitar that sounds good.
I actually look for both, looks and performance.
I recently got an Ibanez SA220FM, and it's beautiful, the mahogany shows through on the edges, and is very light-weight.
Then there's the sound. The pickups take in tapping very easily, and there's a 5-way tonal switch.

So I look for both, if that story wasn't convincing.
If you're asking would I buy a wangcaster, no I wouldn't. I like having a guitar I can look at and be proud of.

Playability > Sound > Looks

I wouldn't buy a guitar that forces me to cringe, but I have yet to see one that does. (other than wangcaster and reverse V)
So I'm a PRS player, best of all three things.