I have a cube 30x and i don't really like the sound of the distortion channels. Rectifier is okay but i'd like to be able to fine tune it a bit. I think the clean channels sound excellent and have heard pedals work good on it. Just wanting some suggestions what i should use. PLay mostly hard rock and a bit of metal(mostly metallica). I've heard the metal muff is good. What do you guys think?
I wouldn't have thought a distortion pedal would be much better than the models on your cube. You have played with EQ right? Metal Muff seems to be the most recommended dist pedal on UG - no personal opinion. Possibly a graphic EQ might be what you need if you just want fine tuning.

I'd save towards a nice(r) amp - but if that's not an option for you get the metal muff by all means - can't hurt to try.
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I have both that amp and pedal, think they go great together. I don't know about for the sound you're looking for though... Especially since the amp that Metallica uses is one of the models...
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i bought the UM300 from behringer, just for the same reason, believe me it will sound really rough and ****ey, not much to adjust or anything.

my wah on the other hand sounds great....

guess it's just to do with the brands ur using
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