I feel like a bum, cuz I know how to change strings on my electric bass, upright bass, cello, electric guitar, and acoustic guitar, but I got a used acoustic with beautiful tones and wood. 2 days later, I come to realize it is set up in a way I don't know how to change the strings. It has the little peg things by the bridge, which is not how my other acoustic is. Help me!
Can the pegs be pulled out? If you have a picture of the bridge that would help.
Yeah, the pegs down by the bridge. I don't want to try to take them out though cuz I'm afraid I'll damage something.
I mean, obviously I'm gonna need to take them out, but I need further instruction ha ha!
Some string winders can pull them out. Take the guitar to a music store and ask the guy there what you need.
First you loosen all the tuners and pull the strings out from the holes in them. Now that the strings are free, you can take each one and give them a push right down by the bridge, like you're trying to push them into the guitar from outside of it. This will help to break the lock created by the ball end of the string wedging up against the bridge plate and the bridge pin. Once you can move the string into the guitar a little bit and know it's free, pull the pin up and out, followed by the string. Simple.
When re-installing the strings, make a little bend down by the ball end, about 1/4 inch from the ball, slip the ball end into the hole in the bridge, then line up the string in the slot of the pin and press the pin in place, making sure the slot is facing the headstock of the guitar. Give the string a nice firm tug up and away from the bridge to seat the ball end in place. Double check that the ball end is NOT resting on the the tip of the bridge pin. If it is, when you try to tune up, you'll pull the pin and string right out of the bridge. The ball needs to be along side the pin, and up against the bridge plate on the inside of the soundboard. Got all that? lol
Ok lemme give this a try and I'll get back on here if I have any questions