Just to clarify, I am not an emo and I hate all things asociated with emoness,I'd shoot Gerard Way if I had the chance (Dam Security!!!)
But I've been wondering lately,what is the Black Parade? Is it just a song?or is it,like all the media have been calling it,a place where emos beliee they will go when they die
your mom.....

sorry couldnt help myself

Its an mcr album
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It's a shop in my city, lol. Emo-Punk clothing and skateboards.
Need fashion advice?

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It's where you go when you lose in Shadow Realm duels

stick with pokemon. yu gi oh fails.
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I'd shoot Gerard Way if I had the chance (Dam Security!!!)

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It's an concept album from MCR..

Oh, and MCR is not emo, you ignorant prick, they are pop-punk.