Can't wait: August 13th: Ticket booked.
Support from Kasabian and someone else I care even less about.......

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Saw then live b4. There alright live.
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Had the offer to go, I'd rather go to oxygen or ben harper/jack johnson
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i enjoy getting boners. they make me feel important.

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- Don't like them
- Not enough money
- Don't know where Marlay Park is.

Obvious troll please leave

Love Muse saw them at wembley Have a goodun!

I think tickets are still on sale though... which is a bit surprising tbh

I probably won't be seeing them again for a long time, considering it appears they fear Canada and wish to never play another god damn gig there again.
****ing Kasabian.

Yes, I'll be there with bells on

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Where the hell is Marlay Park?

And if it's half as good as their Wembley show, you're in for a great night. Enjoy.
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Where the hell is Marlay Park?

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Man that's badass.