Just got these uploaded onto the space. Checkout No need to fight her and Collide.


Thanks for the listen!
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Listening while typing... The guitar intro is nice and soothing, and when the vocals come in there really good. Over all I like it man you gotta good thing going. Keep it up. Btw I listened to there's no need to fight her. peace...
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Thancks for the crit. I liked No need to fight her but it didn't seem to sound right when the drums came in but it's still a good song. Collide was really great, catchy and well written with a nice sound. You have a good voice. Overall good stuff.
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Let me just start by saying that you have a really nice voice and you know how to use it . And props on your way of recording the vocals its really clean and sounds well produced. As for the song (i listened to collide) it was a really nice lil poppy acoustic song. You call it "Collide: (Acoustic)" which i assume means you plan to do a full band version some time. I would encourage that one! If you can get similar sounding full band production to that "Guilty Till Proven Otherwise" it would be a great song! Nice one mate

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P.S. Hope i'm not being too forward here but you would be up for sticking ur vocals on one of my tunes would you?lol (one of the mellow ones of course)
Thanks for the crit. Listened to 'No Need to Fight her'. Really heart felt and honest. Great quality on the recording. I really liked it. Nice vocals as well. Keep up the good work!

Hey listening and typing. No need to fight here is up. I like the melodic intro, and the vocals compliment it. I enjoy the bluesy quality to the vocal line. The next part is a little weird, the dissonant chord progression is interesting though. I really like the civil war like drums. Great stuff man. nice voice (from one singer to another)
No Need to Fight Her: I digg the intro. I feel like a tambourine would be really appropriate for this song, don't know why but that's the first thing I thought of during the intro. The tone of the guitars sound nice, the production is pretty good too. I really like the backup vocal before the drums enter. The drums sound alright, but something about them seems off though (not exactly sure what sounds off about them though.) Overall good job! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Thanks for the crit on my thread!
Crit as i listen. No Need to Fight Her

The intro sounds good quality. A tad generic.
The vocals are well done, actually really good. Maybe some FXs could polish them a little. I second the tamborines. That would work.
The vocals might be a little too prominent. I think im hearing too much of the intro, and it sounds a little familiar.
Did you do the bass and snare tracks separately? they seem off time, and its mastered wayyyyyy too much. Everytime the bass hits, everything else cuts out. lower the EQ on that.
A little less delay on the vocals would be good, at least it sounds like delay. The outro is good.
Overall, i liked the song, but honestly, you did kindof a bad job on the buildup. I like the backround whispers before the drums kick in, and I can feel that its going to awesome, but then the drums are way to present and off time it seems. I would say re-do the drums and you would do better to record them in a more conventional way. And i dont really like the back vocals during the loud part, too lo fi, I would flaten out the EQ curve, give it some lows.
The buildup could have been great, and it was good, except the mixing killed it. I would consider re-recording and re-mixing that whole part.
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hey man, sorry on the late reply to critique... but here i am now

-No need to fight her-
very well recorded song man... until the drums kicked in... it seemed a bit strange with it going a bit out of time in bits and harmonies going off pitch... but when it came back to the simple combo of guitar and voice it was great.
the acoustic guitar sounds great. its nice and crisp but still has body in there, which is the best sound to go for in my opinion. vocally it was good too, in some bits you sounded like "argh... i'm kinda bored", but that was minor.

the harmonies in this song are great, far better than NNTFH, but i preferred the acoustic guitar tone from before. vocally its good and solid, some bits sounded liek you were about to go off pitch but i could hear you quickly covering it up (the more you get into singing, the quicker you can cover it up). the guitar playing is nice, intime and steady
Just listened to No need to fight here.

The intro was nice sounded really good like someone else said a tad generic, but then also the odd progression in the second part was almost to much of a sudden change to take in. Was digging it till the drums came in, and not sure if its a effect but the kick drums seems to really make me feel sick almost stops the song everytime it hits i couldnt listen much past that.
Maybe at that part just come in with bass and really light drums.

as for collide i liked this alot more than the first, pretty much only crit here would be some more time spent on the mixing.
I did orginally write to add some harmonies but then i got to the end and found you already had haha so well done.

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First of all none of it is the sort of thing I would listen to normally, but I actually found the songs very relaxing and enjoyable

No need to fight her - i thought this was rly gd but along the lines of posts above me the drums seemed to mess it up I don't know what was going on there.

Collide - good too, interesting sort of sad yet upbeat bluesy town.

Nice work, keep it up!

I'm enjoying Collide. I'm listening to it right now. I like the strumming pattern and the voice reminds me of almost something country, but not too country... kind of like a Ryan Adams voice. It's good though. Sounds original and unique.

Good work.

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