Can anyone recommend me some Bumblefoot to buy? I'm looking at the bald freak music website but I have no idea what I should get first. Don't worry about me getting too freaked out by any strange musical ideas; I'm open to everything.
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Personally I like 'Normal' I can (and have) listen to that album alone on repeat for weeks.
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http://www.bumblefoot.com/index2.htm -> DISCOGRAPHY • AUDIO
there are some mp3 samplers and a few songs there - download at least 'Delilah' and 'I cant play the blues'

there are a few songs on his myspace and i love those songs

you can also download his first 2 cds, 'Aventures of Bumblefoot' and 'Hermit' - they're out of print and he's cool with it...
Tough one!

The record I enjoyed the most is Uncool for it's great sense of humor and crazy music ideas. Hands is really hardcorish, but with lots of groove. Normal is straight visceral punk but played by a virtuoso and also really emotional at times. Anyway, you can't go wrong with Bumblefoot. True absolute genius (and wonderful human being btw).