I log on to ultimateguitar, but before i do, i see that someone has already logged on (it says a different user name, like the one with a pink border) but its not signed in!
Does this mean that someone had used my pc to go on? because its pretty much just me in this house, and ONLY i use this computer. I found the culprits details, and he lives in the same city as me (which is a huge coincidence, seeing that there aren't too many of my kind on this site).
I live in an estate though, with a shared connection, so i think everyone has the same IP address here. could he just be another UGER that just magically appeared on my screen since we both use the same IP? Or is he a thief?
Thanks all!

Someone logged on to your PC whilst you were out whilst breaking in, and logged into UG. Its the craze amongst those that commit burglary nowadays.
If you're on wireless, someones stealing ya nets.

If you're on AOL, you're "IP" (AOL has one giant IP, often results in AOL users being banned mistakingly -_-) got mixed with someone elses.


Maybe yo mammas so fat she's a UGer
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You need to get back at him for this injustice.

Next time he's out, break into his house and log onto UG. Then, just to show him who's boss, raid his fridge.

He'll be devastated.
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Is it not possible that another person in the house is a UGer too? Shout 'I wanna get an MG' or 'Slipknot are t3h br00t4lzz' and see if you get burnt
im gonna get banned for this thread?! its a serious question! i just want to know if there is any possible way if having 2 computers with the SAME IP address can affect the currently signed on user?
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Chances are if you're using a wireless internet that isnt encrypted then anyone can use your connection. Plus the I.P thing may well have the same affect.
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Maybe someone sat outside your house and got on UG using your connection from his PSP.
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Not another Mike H....

I thought the same. Sadly disappointed

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maybe your mother checked your homepage and logged in. she will probably speak to you about the disgusting place you go every day after school tonight.