say what you may, i know most survey sites are TOTAL BS, but i think i found the one survey site that's not. i've been a member for a month or so, and i just cashed out $75. they sent it to my paypal account and it's completely real. you can also have them send a check via USPS.

ITS NOT LONG, BORING SURVEYS EITHER!! all you have to do is tell them what your first impression of a site is, and they give you the money. takes me about 1 minute to give my impression of 2 sites, and its anywhere from $4-$10 each time you do that. they put out a new batch of surveys a few times a month.

plus you get $6 for just signing up.

believe me, it works, i've been looking forever for something like this (new amp, here i come)

so without further to do, here's the site:

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