Ok. I just filmed to videos of me playing. First off, a little background. I have only been playing for 8 months and i know i need work, but i think its commin =] More background because people asked questions.

My account here was created before i even got a guitar. A friend of mine brought a guitar to school and i liked it and wanted to learn, so i came here and read stuff. then Christmas '07 i get a guitar but didnt play it because i didnt kow how =/

Then 8 months ago i started taking lessons, so that why i put 8 months, because before the guitar just sat in the corner =]

If you could comment on the youtube video and not here that would be great.

Oh, and its not the entire songs. I get nervous and mess up.. so i just play the easy parts for now

Sweet Child O Mine Cover

Crazy Train Intro (lol)

Constructive criticism and other comments would be great =]
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The end was played terribly wrong but overall sounded pretty decent, just next time do the Whole cover lol over a good backing track.
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