I just got a DiMarzio Super Distortion and i want to put it into my les paul.
I dont understand what a hot connection means. Also it says sodler the black and white togther but i dont know where. Also which part is the ground Help please
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If you are using a standard 3 way selector switch then this is what you do.

Hot means connect it to the selector switch. This means the red wire is soldered to your pickup selector switch.

The white and black are soldered together and taped off. (They don't get connected to anything else. If you are using a 5 way switch or a push pull pot then they would get soldered to something else, but for standard 3 way switching they don't)

Solder to ground typically means solder to the back of your volume pot. This means the green wire is soldered to the back of your volume pot.
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