Hey all. Yea I know, it's been too long right? This year has been so hectic for me I'm lucky if I find time to even play my guitar. Anyways, I felt a longing for the old days, so I started on a song. It's not done yet, in fact here is only about 2 minutes of it, but I thought I'd just get it out there until I get some ideas for how I want this to go.

Hope you enjoy, and any crits are very welcomed
In Medias Res 1.2.zip
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Aw shucks, I forgot it was only a part of a song, and was surprised when it ended.

What you have so far is great, the first acoustic intro is a good atmosphere builder, although some parts of the first lead sound kind of off. It transitioned to the next acoustic part brilliantly, however. The harmonized acoustic section is awesome, and when the distortion leads come over it, it sounds even better. I thought the transition from acoustics to solely distortion could have been done better, but it's not bad. When the drum rhythm kicks in, again, great stuff. And the drum roll transition into...well, emptiness ... is going to make a good transition.

Pretty excellent so far, dude. I can see this shaping up into something epic.

I feel bad about asking you to crit this, but if you'd take a listen and leave a comment, that'd be great:

I love when the distorted lead comes in at first, the harmony is great. Nice acoustic after that; not the same as the beginning.

Good when the distortion comes in a second time, not quite as high at first. Love the harmony again. Like usual, I love when you turn to the more straight up rock part (Something I find you quite good at, NR). Sounds pretty good, the end distorted riffs fit the song (sort of surprisingly, actually).

I would love to hear this finished, but take your time if needed haha. What's there is great. Good job, man.

I feel a bit guilty asking if youd like to crit one of mine (since you said you've been strapped for time), but if you'd like to, it's 'Said And Done' in the sig. Don't feel obligated to, though.
YES! The mighty NovemberRain273 has returned! haha. I thought you were gone for good dude! But yeah, anyways, on to the music.

Song startsoff great with the strings and those eerie kinda mysterious sounding chords. It gives the song a very good atmosphere. The lead guitar is also quite awesome when it comes in. The acoustic verse thing is also pretty damn sweet at bar 17. the lead at bar 33 also fits basically perfectly.

Tempo change at bar 49 was a little too abrubt imo. Maybe do something with the drums to kinda build up to that tempo, instead of just going into it. That riff was pretty sweet though. It had a cool melody to it.

Ah that's it? haha, keep working on it man, it's really great so far. This really reminds me of the old days in T&C where there was just a ton a of good music, and man, this just brings back a buncha good memories from here haha. Hopefully T&C will go back to the way it used to be, now that you're back Great work man, I've always been a huge fan of yoursand I know you won't dissappoint with this piece!

Oh, and if you could, I'd really appreciate it if you just took a look at my newest song (in my sig). I kinda wanted to go back to my older style with that one, so hopefully you'll like it. Anyways best of luck with the song man
Yes! I always loved your stuff!

I like the intro. But I find it unneccessary to have both guitars play the exact same thing at bar 9. It just sounds really overpowering. Cool harmonies afterwards though.

The acoustic part at 17 and after sounds really cool. But it gets repetetive, so I hope you'll put vocals over it.

Again at 33, the guitar sounds really overpowering. Just have one play that part.

Cool tempo change. I like the rythm guitar part, it sounds a lot like the riffs I've been writing lately.

So far 9/10, I really like this. Crit mine? Anything in my sig would work.
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Acoustic, Melodeath/Metalcore riffs and Synth =/= Progressive

but it was a good Melodeath/Metalcore song for sure
Hahaha....well thanks for the crits guys!

I put up an updated version now. Added some more to the song, it's around 3:20 now, and it's just gonna get longer.
Alta Vera - My real life alternative rock band.
Ashen Spire - My personal metal band.

Super Mario, F-Zero & Dragonball Z covers!

PSN: whatev27

Let me ask you, does a machine like yourself ever experience fear?