I want to replace the chrome stock bridge on my Epiphone G-400 with a gold one. Problem is I can't tell what bridge would be right. Websites go on about different kinds of spacing, and some say there's a difference between Epiphone's measurements and Gibson ones. I don't have even the slightest clue what parts I should be measuring or how.

Anyone know exactly what tune-o-matic and stopbar bridges will fit onto a new Epiphone SG? Also, is it possible to buy one of Epiphone's locktone stopbars in gold separately (or is there another brand that makes the same thing?)?
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The problem is america wont use the metric system. Most of our aftermarket and factory US made stuff is all based on imperial or inches. And well everybody else uses metric. Epis are made to metric so generally stuff wont fit. A inch TOM bridge will fit at first when the studs are screwed out but when you try to lower the action then everything starts to bind up. Even more fun is some TOM bridges use metric threaded studs but still have the same inch pattern spacing. So answer is MAYBE you will be able to find the parts you want ask before you buy. Just for trivia there are 2 other counties that dont use the metric system liberia and myanmar both bright beacons of higher learning.
Guitarfetish makes a match for the Epi's, I believe in gold, chrome, or black.
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