any ideas for things to change before i get goin on trying to make a damn full song for a change? lol. Also any ideas for the lyrics...not the words, more ideas...tryin to come up with some...and i dunno if the intro is enough to show what the whole song will sound like...anyhow....its in drop c.


thanks. called introriff....
That sounds good.

Chug some chords in the verse, have a lead line in the chorus ect.

Sounds good so far.

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you know funny u should say chug...cuz i did a lil verse idea for it...and it uses some chugging in the transitions and stuff from chord to chord....but i still needa work on it and try to get some more variation...usually hard for me yet to do what i want it sound like, takes a while.
put a lead line in the intro, like a small solo or something, you know like just hold the root note of each chord but a few octaves higher, would sound good I think
ah yea, i tried that as well...i wasnt sure how it would go with intro...but u think thatd be good?
aight well i aint got sheit to do today...played for liek 3hrs this morn, maybe ill try to throw somethin in there in a bit, haha...thanks
aaciseric, anything like u had in mind, lol....i added a lil improv lead on there to get an idea... introriffwithlead.
pretty cool, not great sound with the guitar. definitly sounds like a shinedown song. some rythem guitar in the back may sound cool. i like the version with out the lead better actually. the lead kinda messes with the relaxing tone in the beginning and meshes with the distortion part too much. pretty cool tho.

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I like the new lead part, thats the kind of thing i had in mind when I left the comment, sounds very good, well done