There's this girl that I saw, (I say saw because we never talked). She was in my college algebra class. I saw her myspace and its set to private. I think I may send a message asking to be friends. She's 26, so I'm sure she has a BF or possibly married. So, if nothing else, just friends. Also, all my friends went out of state. So I'm kinda lonely.

Also, if a user's profile is set to private, can they still get messages?
or do they have to add me as a friend?

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from behind.
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Dammit, satyphan, you just shat over all my hopes and dreams.
Rape is illegal, guys.
If ye have NEVER talked then that = stalking..... Stalking = bad

I will give you one piece of advice that has served me well throughout life......

It's only rape if she doesn't enjoy it

Good Luck
^LOL. Dude have you learned not to ask serious relationship advice in the pit by now...
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Rape is illegal, guys.

Plan B?
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from behind.

But then you don't get to see her expression of shock and fear, then unwanted pleasure. So rape. From the front. Duh.

By the way, yes, she will get the message.
They can still receive messages unless she set that too to private (hardly anyone does this though).

Still, talking to her isn't a smart move for you. Talk to her in class? If you don't sit nearby maybe you can try and catch her while you two are waiting outside the classroom to go in or right after a class is over. Once you talk to her ask her for her myspace so you can keep in touch (u can talk to her after a class and ask for some help and if she says she's busy ask for her myspace so u can ask her there later that day). Anyway... if u just talk to her on myspace and she knows ur in her class she'll think ur weird for looking her up cuz u like her.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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just add her to myspace and talk from there.....some people will add anyone, which is why they put it private to get more adds
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Plan B?

make legal love to her...

from behind.
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Dammit, satyphan, you just shat over all my hopes and dreams.
Seriously, stop with the rape thing now.

I wouldn't, it is mildly stalking, and if you've never spoken why should she even know who you are?

Go on Match.com or something
Wait didn't you just make the thread about how you were "stalking" someone else?

Don't try to get with her if she's taken...
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Rape is illegal, guys.

Even better.
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Rape is illegal, guys.

y must you spoil the fun?!!!
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Awww, thanks Frenchy

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