I recently help start a band, a month ago and some of the members have set-up a gig already at most probably the biggest venue in town (In one months time). We only have three song so far, one is good in my opinion, another needs alot of work in my opinion (but everyone else thinks it is good as it is) and the last song need to have the lyrics re-written. They want to try and write another three songs before this gig happens.. There will also be no other bands playing that night.
I was thinking recently that we would maybe ready to play a gig at the smaller venues at the end of summer at the very earliest. One of the other members also thinks it is far to early to play any sort of gig. Please let me know what you think on this matter.
whats the best way of putting them off the idea? Without being a twat cause a barely know these people, the only time i have really meet them is during practice.
2 and a half as a full band (singer turned up late once), 1 without singer (I had to sing) and 1 without singer and bass player. We practice for about 4/5 hours about once a week.
so youve met and played with these folk for about lets say 12 hours and already your thinkin about playing gigs.

man, you need to bond, you need to have a good lot more practices, and learn more songs, i can see what you mean. You cant have a gig in the biggest venue in town and only play 3 songs, yet be the only band. It just doesnt work like that. If you were to incourage other bands it might be better, atleast you wouldnt need to stress out and play alot of poor songs, youd be able to focus on the first 3 or so, considering you have around a month to do so.

hope this helped, i feel if just spoken alot of crap really haha
too soon unless you pactice everyday together until the gig, and learn a few covers. To convince them show them this thread and i say to you all that its too early unless you do some extreme practicing!
Eh, my band formed, and five days later, we had our first gig. We would practice at least 2-3 hours every single one of those five nights. Me and the Bass player had jammed before, but that was it, the rest of us all just kind of met that week.
If you're a hot chick you've probably got a good chance with the lead singer or guitar player, If you're a little bit overweight, you should probably go for the drummer. If you're a dude, go for the bass player
I think you are having a gig to soon, the band should practice more before just going to a gig.
I know I ain't playing a gig with my band until maybe this autumn cause we got to write songs and practice.

If you were playing with other bands this would be easier, you could practice these songs you already have and play them at the gig and the other bands would take a few to. But since you don't hve that option it seems, then the gig is too soon.
Hehe, I've done a little busking meet on the spot, a friend and I brought both our guitars to the beach the same day, and my other friend ran home to get his bongos. So we played some acoustic GnR. Made about 10 bucks an hour each.

As for a real gig.. I would atleast make sure you could play the songs flawlessly, start to finish before even considering getting a gig. A good idea would be to get a smaller gig first. Everyone fails at their first gig.
How experienced are the band members on their instruments? In a band?

Have any or all played a gig before?

Because I find that a competent musician with at least a bit of gigging experience usually should be able to pull something together for an impromptu gig.
The drummer was in an instrumental band before, where i think he played a few gigs not sure how long he has played for seems quite good form my limited knowledge. The bass player was in a band but i don't know alot else. The other guitar player has been playing for a good few years but i i don't think he has played with a band before plus he not very familiar with the type of music we play, he learnt to play more jazz + south american style. I (guitar) have been playing for 12 years, i have jammed with other guitar players but never played in a band situation before. I don't think the singer has ever sang live before with a band and we are not sure if she can actually sing because we can get the pa loud enough without getting feedback to hear her.
To be honest i really don't want to embarrass myself playing in a band that is not ready (the arctic monkeys practiced for a year before they're first gig). If they suggested going to an open mic night and playing one song i would be more than happy to do that.
Do you think it is to drastic to leave if they don't back down?