hey all

just wondering if anyone out in UG help me out a bit

for the past few weeks my guitar had been emitting a horrible amount of noise when i play it, sounding like a combination of crackling\hissing\white noise combination. this problem usually started out after i had played for a few minutes, nto immediately. so lately i took my guitar for a badly needed service, and it came back with all the problems (apparently) solved. however, after having played it for about 15 minutes, the noise started again. every day when i play, the noise comes back after a few minutes. today ive changed my pickups battery (EMG 81 and 85), and for now at least, the noise seems to have stopped. is it possible that all this noise is coming from a low battery, or is it more likely that there's a problem with the jack input?

thanks for any help!!
Did you change your batteries? That would make sense.
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something similar happens to me when i twist my jack input... it could be from it... but some more suggestions may arrive.
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