Hiya. I'm just starting to play guitar, so i have some pretty cheap stuff:

Squier Telecaster
Roland Cube Amp
Digitech RP350 Multi Effects Pedal
And some instrument cables (not monster)

So here's the problem, sometimes when i'm using a heavier distortion effect, or even a clean effect, and i strum heavily and alot, the amp will just seem to overload? It makes a very loud humming sound and i have to play with the instrument cable until it stops. What is the problem? is it my cable or amp or what?

no its the input jack, it got loose, or the wire needs to be fixed
EDIT: Happened to my Friends Fender
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Could be instrument cable, but i would have the wireing in your guitar checked out as well. but more than likely cable
Just got a monster cable.
Works beautifully now!
Just thought i'd let you all know!
get a monster ^ wont regret. monsters, even the cheaper ones, give me no hum or buzz. input jack, just unscrew it and hold the back and the jack in
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