This is a small Bass composition, backed up by synths...


An update, the bass solo is now thrice as long, the interlude is split into two parts and there's another synth solo now!
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10.10 excellent, great bass compostion, really enjoyed the synths, i would take out some of the cymbal crashes during interlude 1.
Sounds like a videogame song or something from the 80's. The bass was great. the whole song was interesting, great use of synths. It's nice to hear something different around here.

mind critting mine?(new one in sig) Thanks.
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mind critting mine?(new one in sig) Thanks.

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Woah, that was extremely creative. Great use of all the instruments throughout, but the drums sounded a little awkward in a couple places.

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This was great, it reminded me of some song from a Doom II wad (you probably don't know what I'm talking about, lol). Very creative and interesting use of all the synths and stuff. The bass solo was good too.
Awesome. Couldn't really find anything bad about it. I'm gonna have to use a recorder in one of my songs >.<

Actually, I loved the use of all the synths. They were really well done.