i realize this is a common proplem but my accustic has buzzing strings that have gotten particularly worse after useing my capo how do i fix this?
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Sounds like the frets are starting to wear. Either that or the bridge saddle is too low to begin with and then using the capo makes the situation worse. I had a buzzing develop around D, G and F shape chords (the first three frets basically) and took it to a local guitar tech for a re-fret, fretboard level and dress and pro setup. It really depends how much you guitar is worth/age etc. as it works out about £200 for a decent job to be done...
Best bet is to look up a local luthier/guitar tech and get them to check it over for you.

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Where is the buzz? Open strings, upper frets, lower frets??? One string, some strings, all strings???
Try to pinpoint it for us and we'll be able to give a better answer.
how old are your strings? i experienced string buzzing on my acoustic a short time after restringing and especially when the strings are too old. as snaryhead pointed out, it could als be a problem of action
probably action. you can tweak it yourself or take it to a tech. depends also on the strings. old strings usually buzz a lot. try a fresh set of strings. if the buzz is still there, it might be a case of action or truss rod adjustment.
yeah I had some buzz when I was pressing the e & B strings in the same fret and I adjusted the truss rod and now I have no buzz!