so i have widdled my choices for my next amp down to 3

A Peavey Windsor Half Stack

A Marshall MG100HDFX Half Stack

or a Crate FlexWave Series FW120HS 120W Half Stack

which do you think is the best for playing Sludge-metal
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You dont need a half stack. Out of all of those I would get the peavy. The MG sucks dont get it.
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are they all SS?
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If you're at the level where you really need a half stack then you want something a hell of a lot better than an MG
there not that bad

for 600$
its pretty good

but i think for me its between the MG or the Peavey
The MG is by far the worst...the Crate is second, and the Peavey is definitely the best out of the three. But it's a completely different animal than the other two...it's basically a poor-man's one-channel JCM800.
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there not that bad

for 600$
its pretty good

but i think for me its between the MG or the Peavey

No, they are that bad.

The Peavey is the only good one in the lot.
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Windsor would be awesome for sludge metal. That being said, you should probably get a different cab, I've yet to find a peavey cab that I liked.
well i guess ill get the peavy stack and change the cab latter

what cab do you think i should go for
Avatar 2x12" with V30's is a good fit, I'd say.

SpineEdit: Just don't buy the cab. Really. You can get the head for $400, with free shipping, online. The halfstack is just the head and a $279 cab, and then they charge you $70 for shipping the huge cab. Just buy the head, and the avatar cab seperatly. It will cost roughly the same, save you time, and be a better setup. Please.
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which would be good for the peavey head

the 112

The 2x12" is the best balance of projection and portability.