Are there any books which cover the basics and techniques of Symphonic and Orchestral Music?
Basicly all of it you mentioned. I am in a symphonic metal band and I need to learn a little more about symphonic music.
I knew about that link, but it does not help much about writing or arranging, like Bangoodcharlotte was mentioning.
I think he's talking about using Orchestral instruments etc. rather than using a Symphonic structure.
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Get yourself an Analysis of Composition. Since I doubt you'll actually handle a real orchestra, that'll suffice.
Okey, I am just asking for some books on orchestral and symphonic structure, songwritings etc... Can anyone point out a few books I can read?

I am in a symphonic Metal band which the keyboardist handles all the symphonic effects, violin, cellos, strings etc... (Look up Nightwish, we are a band like them)
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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Composition is a pretty good book. It deals with all forms of composition, from pop to classical, so it's very wide-reaching. It gives good insight on developing melodies and such. Good read.
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