ok so ive had this 50w jcm 900 model 4500 a while and ive had nothing but problems. ive blown the output transformer twice within a few week period and that is not a cheap fix... between buying a new OT and the labor to pay someone to try and figure out whats wrong, ive put more into fixing it than i originally paid for it. so heres what it's come down to: ive lost faith in my jcm 900 and want a new head. even when i get it working, i dont trust it to play shows because i never know when its gonna break again. i love the tone i get out of it... i play more alternative rock to pop rock, think blink 182 or new found glory or green day... so i dont need a metal head with crazy overdrive. i liked the jcm 900 for its clean tones (which i use a lot) as well as its distortion channel for leads... not too distorted but a light alternative distortion. im looking for another head within the same price range ($500-700 used) that will give me similar tones without the headaches. ive been talking to guys in music stores around here and one guy said a step up from the 900 was the 800... any suggestions? its gonna be played from a marshall 1960A cab if that makes any difference. i like the marshall tone but im willing to branch out a bit..
i think the 800 was geared more towards metal. but ive got a 2x12 fender deville combo amp and i love it. its perfect for classic rock, the pearl jam kind of grunge and alternative. you can also get them in 4x10. if you wanted to keep the half stack status you could just plug that into a cab.

edit: oh yeah and i got it for $600 CAD last summer
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i got the same head, it`s 18 years old, i just got it, but i`ve had no problems with it, works great and is it LOUD, i also play thrash metal so i push mine harder then you do.

but ya, an 800 is an upgrade, if you like that tone.

probly look at a JCM 2000 DSL too.
alright it looks like the jcm 2000 is in my price range too, and are about the same price on ebay... so between the 800 and the 2000 what are the primary differences? and still looking for any other suggestions, too
the biggest thing, the JCM 800 is a single channel amp, i THINK theres dual channel 800`s too, but the most wanted 800 the 2203 is a single channel so is the 2204 i believe. the 800 is built to do one job very well. the 2000 is a multi channel amp, like your 900, so you can get more sounds from it.

so if you need a 2 channel amp.... JCM2000 DSL (or TSL)

but i don`t know why your havin so much trouble with your 900. you sure your running the right Ohm`s with you cab???, you`ll blow it up easy if you mismatch that.
also, whats the difference between the DSL and the TSL?

yea im pretty sure im running it okay. i bought the whole half stack used and im running it the exact same way the last guy did, no changes or anything.. same output, same speaker cable, same input... and he said he's never had any problems. i dont really know too much about amps, thats why i never messed with it... as soon as i get a new head, ill start a new thread to ask exactly which outs and ins to use so that i dont blow anything.
also, im plugged into a surge protector so im assuming thats protecting it from any... you know... electrical surges lol
DSL = 2 channels
TSL = 3 channels

but i`ve heard the DSL is a better sounding amp.

well, take a look at the back of your amp... make sure the switch is flipped to MONO and your using the 16 ohm input then look at the head and make sure the switch on the head is flipped to 16 ohms. and use only 1 speaker cable... also MAKE SURE the speaker cable is a SPEAKER cable NOT a guitar cable. you WILL fry your head using a guitar cable. a speaker cable is MUCH thicker gauge.
ill check out that traynor ycv50 blue, thanks for the suggestion. i know its a speaker cable and its made for amps cuz its about 6 inches long lol and yea thanks, ill double check on the ohms thing. i never really bothered to learn about that stuff cuz i just figured i'd run it the exact same way the last guy did and not have any problems.... i guess i jynxed myself though

yea after i asked that question about DSL vs TSL i was like hey.. that probably stands for double something and triple something. thanks for the suggestions, ill look into all those