Hi ,

I have my first guitar , a washburn x10 , that I almost never play anymore and theres a layer of dust on it.

No it was my first guitar and I had much fun with it , but now I wanna make it usefull again.
What can I do to make me play it more again.

I certainley thought of changion the pickups , but I dont know how.
Gonna put a Pickguard on it and gonna put some new knobs on it.

But can you guys give some feedback on how to change the pickups , I only have one volume and one tone control , maybe I want something more , how do I do that ?

I hope I can get some help here.
Thanks in advance, Pearlfoo

my friend has the exact same one..i knocked on the wood ( shut up) and it was ****ing hollow.. it seems like it would break easily..so dont smash it over no ones head
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paint it
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