The red tele on the left.

Yeah. The red one. On the left. It keeps popping up on Fender's page and I want to know more about it. I've scoured every source of Telecaster information I know of and I can't find a shred of information about it.

So I ask UG. Does anybody here have any idea what particular model of telecaster that is?

I'm guessing it has four knobs and a three-way toggle, Les Paul-style (can't see if there's two other knobs or not on the picture), and it obviously has 2 humbuckers.

Any info would be appreciated.
its the red one on the left obviously
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Its not a tele.

fender toronado

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Its not a tele.

fender toronado
I can see how you'd think that, it does look an awful lot like a Toronado. I thought it might have been one of those when I first saw it, but it's shaped differently.
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bollocks, its clearly a toronado

Look at the bridge. Although, it could be the angle that's throwing me off. The upper part where the toggle is looks too "tele" to be a toronado IMO.
yeah I see what you mean. That bout could be the photo or touchup though.

It could even be a prototype or custom job.

EDIT: it also has a diff finish.
It could be a Toronado, I guess. It more than likely is. I've never seen a Tele that looks anything like that, like I said. I still think it's a Tele.
It's quite clearly not a Toronado (at least not like the ones that have been posted). Look at the bridge, for christ's sake!
Its not a Tornado. The bridge is different and the top horn is shaped different than those Tornado pictures that have been posted.

It is indeed a Tele of some sort.
It's NOT a Toronado.

Mhmm I recall a mahog Strat called the...lead something..? Forgot. Short scale, same bridge and dual buckers. Could be Tele version of that. I'll look into this.
that looks like a '72 to me
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idk what the keys are for but the reason i think its for the floyd rose is because its called floyd rose double locking

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the horn seems to be more shaped like a yamaha tele or one of bellamy's tele's to me