I've been recording for a couple years now but recently i just started setting up for midi recording. Today i just bought a Konnekt 8 interface and ezdrummer to use with my recording program, cubase le. i've connected the the drum module and cubase is capturing all the midi performce info but i cant find a way to bring up ezdrummer. i'm using windows vista. any help would be greatly appreciated. its been pissing me off all day and i'm starting to get that feel i didn't spend my money wisely.
I dont think I understand fully. Are you saying what EZ drummer is not in you VST instruments list(F11) even though you installed it correctly?
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You didn't waste your money.

Install the EZdrummer .dll files inside vst plugins within the Steinberg > Cubase LE folder. Open Cubase, go to devices > vst instruments , choose EZdrummer as one on the list. Create a new MIDI track, and on the track ins and outs choose EZdrummer for the output. Hope this helps, if it still doesn't work, I'll try and help you further.
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thanks guys, i got it working now. do any of you know how to assign certain drum pads to their corresponding sample. when i hit the snare the module triggers a snare but ezdrummer trigger a crash cymbal. is it something i have to do on the module or on the program.
Hmm... I've never used a drum module, so I'm not sure, but I'd be pretty confident it had something to do with the program. Try checking in the device setup in Cubase for your MIDI controller, and 'teaching' the MIDI controls.

Moody will probably be able to help you more with this, I know he uses a drum module so he'll know more about it.
There is poetry in despair.