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With the summer vacation coming up/already started for some, what are some things you're planning to do to keep busy? Learning a new instrument, building something, something non-music related?

I'm thinking of either learning to play the drums or bass along with trying to learn a basic understanding of music theory.

What about you guys?
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1) Brushing up songs
2) making new songs
3) make an album worth of songs
4) make an album.
5) Back to 1)

I'm ambitious.
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try an get an internship at a label to prepare me for my next semester of college
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1. pass driving test
2. get my band going well
3. Earn **** loads of money
4. Enjoy Leeds
5. Get stoned more.
Drink beer. Record some more songs with my crazy band. Maybe record something with a camcorder (if I figure out how to use one).
Get my band into gear
Learn to surf
Write some of my own songs

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I'm going to read some books, I never manage to find time for that when I'm studying... Just got 'Walden' by Henry David Thoreau.

Also, I'm picking strawberries.
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1) Brushing up songs
2) making new songs
3) make an album worth of songs
4) make an album.
5) Back to 1)

I'm ambitious.

Ahh! this too for me, trying to write some solo stuff I am proud of
Catch 'em all....

But seriously, I'm goin Leeds festival and probably catchin up with mates and working
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1.) Record many songs with my band.
2.) Develop those songs into an EP/album.
3.) Send album to local radio stations.
4.) Play at Lupos.
5.) ???????????
6.) Profit.

Not really in it for the profit, but it'd be nice.

I'm pumped for this summer.

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I'm gonna focus on my photography this summer hopefully. I'll try new shots, new colours, new angles, all that jazz.

Oh, and I'll also try and score an acoustic gig with a friend.
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Gotta leave this town

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download festival
find some a cheap but functional gear in the US so i can get a half decent tone when im over there
prob do some recording and writing with friends, come back to scotland and show one of my american friends the beauty of the highlands .
and get wasted
I'm starting work on my 'extended project' for college, which will eventually be a report titled "A comparison of English and Russian literature of the last two centuries in terms of political, social and economical growth and change" accompanied by a 5,000 word commentary on said report. I'm going to be doing an awful lot of reading and researching over summer
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1) Get a job (money).
2) Practice more on guitar.
3) Continue studying Spanish and learning German.
4) Exercise.
5) Spend time with friends.

In addition: start learning how to drive, practice sports more, get my dick wet, etc.
mess around with my home studio, form a new band, play music.

not too different from winter
I'm gonna catch a charmander

ok fo' reallz, i'm gonna go on a summer camp; bungee included

maybe try doing some windsurfing, buying a new guitar (yamaha pacifica ), seeing old friends. Oh yea, my summer is full of

EDIT: sorry to all the guys hwo have to do non fun stuff over summer, i'll try think of you sometimes, so maybe not all , just al little
Buy a new Acoustic and learn some tunes on that.
Work my ass off, as usual, to pay for my chronic alcoholism.
Learn some slick wakeboarding tricks, and perfect them.
Spend more time with everyone who will be going away in the fall.
Run. A lot.
1)Get a job
2)Buy a not so sh*tty amp
3)Practice with the band and get more material
4)Start playing shows
5)Take music theory at local community college
6)Get a girlfriend
7)Get in shape and not so skinny
write some science fiction short stories
save some money for driver's ed
work on my skills for guitar/ukulele/harmonica
stay up all night
work out
play some video games
hang out with friends
flea markets
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Drink some more
Drink until I realize that I'm so bored
Drink away the boredom, in the process realizing my crushing loneliness
Drink to forget the loneliness, mix with heaps of self pity
Wallow in self pity and feel very low

Go to college, and miss the summer holidays.
work full time at my job, practice endlessly on my 7-string, golf, buy drumkit and SUMMER SLAUGHTER!!!!
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Become a half-decent guitarist.
Earn money to buy a decent amp to replace my Spider II practice amp. -_-'
Decide what guitar I want to work towards next.
Write something which is actually original.
Reduce my "fail at life" level.
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my girlfriend
I already started building a guitar,possibly for my girlfriend.
Write music
Jam with friends
teach girlfriend more guitar
learn some theory
maybe learn keys
get recording software
Teach bassist how to play better
Yard work for cashmoney
lose weight
Write songs with my band
Gig with my band
Practice with my band

Boring summer for me,because I know I won't be able to do a third of that.
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1. Be with my girlfriend
2. Be with my friends
3. Buy an acoustic guitar
4. Practise guitar every day if possible
5. Learn some theory
6. Learn how to swap my pickups (shouldn't take longer considering I'm doing Electronic Engineering degree)
7. Go on holiday with my girlfriend
8. Go to as many rallys and carshows as physically possible

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Oh an do some excercise, to gain strength.

I've got the right leg, if you want.

Raleigh Music Academy guitar classes w/ a Paul Gilbert seminar
Band Camp
Eagle Project
Get better at saxophone
start working out, eat better foods
learn more theory
find a job
hang w/ friends
Look into DJ stuff - techno, sequencers, drum machines.
Driver's Ed
explore the city
take up some form of martial arts
anything I haven't mentioned.
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I am going to do nothing I want to go to Leeds, because i wish to see Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age and Tenacious D, but im not allowed and nobody i know wants to go ¬_¬ But i have my birthday on the 1st August, so its not all bad...

EDIT: And start Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training :P
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-Do a bunch of writing, mostly short stories, but possibly get strted on a novel or script for a play too
-Get my own computer with garageband or a similar program and record some music
-Write some more songs
-Practice guitar a hell of a lot
-Teach myself piano
kill all humans
Write lots of songs.
Try not to be such a hermit.
Get much better at guitar/piano.
Get a job to afford something better than the 60$ practice amp i have now.

About it actually.
Learn Drums
or Brass instrument (for Ska)
and work on guitar theory

EDIT: oh and the whole driving shabang!

i live on an island, so i only need a provisional, and i dont need a driver in with me or MOT to drive, i live island live =]
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