When I play my D string on my Jackson JS30DKT Hardtail I get a horrible buzzing noise.
It's not the frets, cause it sounds weird.

I'm 90% sure that its coming from the things on the headstock.
The things where the strings go into when changing them.
This is hard to explain.

| l
| O |

The string goes in where the O is.
And the one that buzzes is the one where the low E string goes in.

How would i fix this?
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i know nothing about jacksons but if its possible to raise the strings like on les pauls and such maybe it would fix it?? cause playing it open and if the string is too low itll hit the fret and make some horri-bad noises... well gluck
it doesnt sound like fret buzz.
and the gauge is 46
which is rather small.

im stumped.