MT-2: i own this one already... sounds AWESOME with my SS PA practice amp.. total ass on my JCM900

DS-1: not too sure about this pedal, but it is the cheaper one outta the DS and the MD

MD-2: WAYYYYYY better then the MT-2 with my JCM900 but not as good with the practice amp.

i`m really leaning to the Mega Distortion, it`s $70 used. it just fills in that missing bottem end in my JCM 900, without really changing the tone of my amp.

which ever pedal i`m getting i gotta trade my MT-2 in since i don`t have much money. so if i take the DS-1 i`m screwed with my practice amp because i NEED a distortion pedal for that.

just wondering what pedal i should think about keeping, alot of you guys know more then me.
i only own a Metal zone MT-2 and like i said, it sucks ballz on my JCM900, and i`m trying to get a better bottem end in my JCM, with a touch more gain... which the DS-1 boosts the gain but the MD-2, really fills the bottem end in nicely.

the MT-2, is only used on my practice amp.
for your jcm i think you should get an overdrive pedal and use it to boost the distortion of the amp. i would say go for the Boss Super Overdrive SD-1. The digitech bad monkey is also a great choice.
yeah, now I understood.

keep the metalzone for your practice amp, (or try a cheap dano pedal on it and sell the MT) and buy an overdrive. try the BOSS SD1. the ZW OD might be a good choice, but ive heard its an exact copy of the SD1 overdrive, so its your choice.

The MD-2 sounds most natural if you boost the bass control. I keep it maxed. If you do that it will probably be the best of the three.

Oh, and don't listen to anybody who tells you to get a Metal Muff. I went to a gig last night and the guy was using a Metal Muff with Top Boost through some sort of Vox (a tube I believe). It sounded like complete ass with and without top boost, absolutely terrible. I'm gonna start bashing the Metal Muff from now on. >.>
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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i know overdrives are for tube amps, to get the natural gain of the tubes. and a Distortion pedal is more for SS amps.

i`ll have to play with the DS-1 more

i got the pedals till tomarrow, and i have band tonight, so i figured it`s a good time to test out these 2 pedals (DS-1/ MD-2)