Im learning some van halen solo's at the moment.

and on some of the parts im struggling,

and i was getting stressed out about it lol

but then i realized i am trying to play arguably the best, fastest and hardest guitar solo's around, ...so i thought i'd go easier on myself..and stop telling myself i suck.

thought id just share my thoughts on learning a new song.

You guys ever mad you cant play something properly ?
I'm pissed that I can't play Ocean by John Butler.
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lol, dude im learning symbiotic in theory right now (necrophagist) and its super frustrating, the whole song is pretty much in fast forward
dude, im at the moment learning th whole alien love secrets album. it makes me feel bad

btw, its nice you are trying to play hard good stuff like VH and not comforming with what "you can play"

To the guy above me,
Pretty much all Necrophagist is super frustrating hahaha.
It took me so long to get some of the riffs and then remember it all.

And to possibly help you learn shredding stuff and what not, a lot of people will say this,
But just start learning it slow and eventuly you will work your way up to speed.
And it usually works.
I'm trying to learn Speak by Queensryche which isn't so bad, but the solo has a few tricky triplet runs. Also working on Frayed Ends of Sanity by Metallica which is hard.
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I feel your pain -- I'm going through similar difficulties with my Iron Maiden studies.

I found that using some software, called "Transcribe!", I can slow down songs as much as I need to in order to learn them/transcribe them, without changing the pitch. It allows me to play along with the song, even if I'm going half-speed. This tool has made my practice waaay more fun, satisfying and my transcriptions more accurate. It is inexpensive, and you can download a free 30-day trial to see if you like it. And no, I don't work for the company -- I'm just really happy with this product. =^)
I need to work on speed i guess, but for some reason it makes more sense to focus on melody and actually crafting songs, or a coherrant melody. When i first started, all I was concerned about was speed, but when i read it took Paul Gilbert 8 years to get even decently fast, I just said forget it and stopped focusing strictly on speed.

Still, I can play all of "One" from Metallica, but there's one little bit in the final solo that's picked pretty fast that bugs the hell outta me, but i keep working on it. A lot of Lamb of God annoys me cuz of the fast tempo and really fast chord/single note changes. It takes awhile, but I evently get it. Actually, the solos in a few Judas Priest songs piss me off to no end right now, cuz they do get pretty crazy, like in "Painkiller." I can handle the rhythm and whatnot, but the solos! And for some reason, bits of the the "You Got Another Thing Coming" solo.
Guitar Pro Does the Same thing as Transcribe, and More

I will Usually try and tackle songs that arent "too" difficult for me, i challenge myself, but not to the extent of trying to learn No Boundaries or songs like that im Currently trying to learn some stuff off the New Whitesnake Album. Its great stuff.