As the title said...

My drummer and I recorded a very rough mix of a song. Be sure to listen to the entire thing, the guitar solo is at the end!

edit: no vocals as of now, because we don't have a singer.
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It's in his profile. I thought it was good, some vocals would make it even better though. :-) You play really well with your drummer.
you sound good. where are u exactly im MI i live in MI too and i cant find NE one that plays anything of good caliper.
thanks for the comments guys.

stitches: I live in Big Rapids, about an hour north of Grand Rapids. We have a wide range of musicians because it's a college town. Not many of them are particularly good, though
oo i live by lansing so ur like kinda far away. the search continues..... maybe ill just go to college.
My impressions:

- pretty nice intro.
- I like the drums throughout.
- It just feels like a really solid rock song
- Would be better with some vocals
- The solo is pretty nice and fits the song

Hard to say that much about it other than that I look forward to hearing the final version, hopefully with vocals.

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