I have a few spare parts here i'm willing to trade for anything guitar related but at the bottom theres stuff im particularly looking for. Hope you find what you need!

a TL071, a few TL074s and TL072s
some CD4053 (tri-analog switching IC)
some CD4013 (CMOS IC)
spade terminals
few jacks from old guitars
crybaby clone circuit (minus the input jack, wah pot and switch)
LM386N-1 (power amp IC)
1N914/4148 diodes
common electrolytic capacitors
'snap off' componenet sockets
BC549C bipolar transistors (2N5088)
2N5457 JFET
dead 9v batterys (for battery snaps)
different colours of wire
tripad stripboard

would also be willing to trade my behringer TO100 (tube screamer exact clone minus the JRC4558) which I modified to TS808 specs. if youre not a fan of behringer forget I said that! lol

In particular im looking for:
1N34A germanium diodes
other pedals?

Make me an offer if anyones interested. oh and im in the UK but I dont mind postage costs etc. we can negotiate!
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