Hey everyone, i bought a korg dtr 1000 yesterday from guitar center. i set it up in my rack with my g major and valveking. It work perfectly fine all day, no excess buzz or anything. I woke up this morning and went to play with my new toy, and after the tubes on my amp warmed up it began buzzing. I Though that it might be the order of units on my rack, maybe i needed to rearrange it. I did and it didnt help. The cables im using with the tuner are practically new, and the older cables are fine ( i took the tuner out of the loop and it didnt buzz). What is going on? TUNERS SHOULD NOT BUZZ!!!!!!!!
same problem i think here.

my jackson js30dkt buzzes where the string goes in to the peg things on the fretboard.
i think it does.
if you hold it down, the buzzing goes.
on my low e.
What? im talking about a rack unit. Your problem will be along the lines of needing a set up as your action is probably to low. Your tuners wont create fret buzz, only intonation problems. your nut will stop all the vibrations from the string. Also try using smaller gauge strings on the low e.