I was going for a NoFXish song here. Any riffs to put it to? Rate it, maybe write a riff to it. Thanks
here it is:

Im sitting in a chair writing songs
while noam chomsky is writng books
bout frredom and democracy
Doing drugs and drinking alcohol
Doing nothing all day at all
sitting around strumming a guitar
Singing songs bout how
government's gonna fall
Seante's falling with "el presidente"
everything's going so "al dente"
starting riots over polictics
fights breaking out by throwing some bricks
Skateboarding down the street isn't as
safe as it used to be
wild animals partying on the dance floor
soon you find yourself being shoved inside a cop's door
strip-searched, patted down by law enforcement
stuck in court wrongly accused
of DUI and assault against the law
You've got a damn god song right there, but for all i can see right here, i think you should work on the rythm a little bit more. Keep it up!
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Haha I think it's awesome that you incorporated everyone's suggestions from that other thread.
Do you actually read chomsky?

and if so then writing ''doing drugs and alcohol'' after it kinda makes you sound like an idiot.