okay, so i use GHS Boomers 10-46 for my Schecter C-1 XXX, but my strings begin to rot and become extremely coarse after just playing them for less than 30 minutes. i thought it could be the strings, but my friend uses the exact same strings, and his can be left out and not cleaned, and last weeks or months. i even use string cleaner and they still continue to rot. can anyone explain this and how to stop it????
In my room on a stand. i know that sounds like it would effect it, but to test this, i left my friends guitar with the same strings sitting in the same place as my guitar, and his are still perfectly smooth and not rotted and it's been about 3 weeks now
Different strings react differently to different people. It seems that GHS don't agree with your chemistry. Try some other brands.

I don't like GHS either, I tried them once and changed them after a couple days.
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does anyone know if those Elixr treated strings are any good? cuz i think that would fit my needs but idk if theyre horrible or not
i'm a moist-handed man and boomers can't hold up to me. it's the same with me about 30 minutes and they're dead...

i say splurge a little and buy the elixrs, that's what i did and they last quite a while...even with MY moistness
i havent tried any coated strings, but you may want to because it sounds like your sweat is very corrosive.

try a different brand string anyway untill you find the ones you like. and ask the help at your local music store about this (if the help seems experienced)
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Yep, as others have said, your body chemistry (sweat, skin oils) will react differently to the different alloys used on different brands of strings. It sounds like your skin oxidizes the boomers pretty rapidly, so try some different brands until you come across something that works for you.

Personally, GHS Boomers are my favourite strings. I've tried a bunch of brands and for me Boomers sound best, feel best, and last longer. However, other people swear by D'Addario or Ernie Balls. it's all personal preference. I've heard a lot of people say they like the Elixirs, so that would definitely be something to check out.

Good luck!
Dr are the way to go, I have had GHS and they break to much for me, and ernie balls are complete crap for me.