I just read that nice thread Pott wrote and as i'm planning on getting new pickups soon i thought i'd just check out with you in case you know a real reason NOT to get these.

basically, my Dream sort of tone is a really FAT but crunchy sounding Distorted tone, kinda a fusion of the guitars in these bands:

Breed 77
Metallica (reload tone)

I currently have in my Les Paul Hex Overwound pickups, which give an attack that i don't want, and a real bite around the 3rd fret A string which i want smoothed out.

Now i play through a Laney LC30ii and use a Digitech Hothead for the distortion i like. And i'm very sure its not the pedal because i've played my friends strat through it with the pickups i want, which by the way are:

GFS Power Rails

My Budget it about £70 and i'd quite like to replace the electronics too because they are dying.

So if anyone has better suggestions then could you try and stick to a bidget!

Thanks a lot!!

Dimarzio Breed is exactly what you are looking for
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Getting those GFS Power Rails for those tone you are looking for would be like buying a ford escort because you wanted a car that looks like an Evo. It's just not going to cut it.

I would suggest you go have a look at swineshead pickups. They are cheap if you are in the UK and as good or better than brands like Seymour Duncan and DiMarzio. Unfortunatly no 1 pickup can get all the sounds you are looking for. For the the heavier stuff with the thundering low end I'd suggest looking into the X bucker and the Venom but for more midrange and grit like you hear in the InMe songs you would want something more along the lines of a runaway.

Or if you want to save a bit more money you could always get something from me
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