I've been playing around 2 years and am looking to upgrade from my 15W Cube.

I want something that will cover 60's-70's jazz-influenced psychedelic rock, David Bowie, Stones, Beatles, Eagles, BeeGees, etc.

I want something that can cover all the above ^, and everything in-between.

20-30W tube
built-in reverb and/or tremolo
not too heavy (around 30-40lbs.)
works good with pedals (esp. chorus and phaser)

around $300-500.

I also am going to run my Epi Casino through this and by nature its a bit bassy and thin, so something that will make it sound thicker, fuller, and more treble-voiced.
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Classic 30 all the way definately.
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Is it closed-back?

I want something closed-back so I don't have to worry about dust, what little there may be, and so I don't have to worry about tubes getting knocked around.
Dust doesnt interfere with the amp... there are few combos that are closed back man... besides open back actually increases sound dispersion. Also the Classic 30 has a tube guard so you don't have to worry about the tubes knocking around
believe me man gear being dysfunctional is one of the last reasons people would sell their stuff. most of the time searching for a new type of tone is all. most musicians i know that dont gig treat their equipment better than their "equipment" if you know what im saying (dick).