i wrote this poem for english i was supposed to emulate edgar allen poe it was done quickly but just tell me what you think
thanks alot

My shadow’s playing tricks again
Binding me against the wall
Mocking me for what could’ve been
Through holding tight I lost it all
I look behind me and see misery
I stare ahead into a drought
My mind screams, my limbs won’t move
It all too much for one to lose
Weighed down with insecurity
Begging not to be another casualty
To spend life searching for an escape
From my dark and twisted fate
So I sit here laughing on my own
Having finally learned the truth to being alone
My shadow still mocks me from the foot of my bed
Because with everyone gone its me who feels dead
Through the sorrow I find a solution at last
As the pistol cocks beneath my grasp
I see the only way to out run the past
One life, mine, to take or give
So now everyone else may live
i really can't say if this is very "poe-like", but i has a lot of good stuff in it.
it also has some problems. worth a crit.
i'll be back. if i forget, PM me in a day or two.
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