well i was just playing my guitar and as i went to sit down in my chair after adjusting the EQ settings, i had no volume. my backing track started (had it playing on my computer, not from the amp) and i was jamming along but had no volume! i've checked everything i can think of. all the chords from the amp to the guitar are plugged in correctly (i had it running through a wah pedal but i made sure it wasnt that by plugging the guitar directly into the amp) and i check all the volume settings. i also checked to see if it was my amp by switching guitars. it worked fine on the second guitar. whats wrong?

some additional info you might need to know:

im using a jackson dinky dkmg series with EMG pickups. i switched the batteries to new fresh ones right out of the package.

my amp is working fine.

i unskrewed the back of the guitar and everything appears to be fine however im a complete noob about electronics in guitars.

it has been working fine all day up untill i went to switch seets. i don't remember bumping my guitar into something.
did you recently tighten the input jacks nut because it might have twisted a wire loose
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I know this sounds stupid, but did you check the volume? I've freaked out trying to find out what might be wrong with my guitar only to realize that my volume is all the way down or that my kill switch is in the off position...
Try the volume knob.
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did you put the batteries in the right way? Ive done that before.

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just quadruple checked everything. i have no idea whats wrong. im thinking about taking it to the local music store but seeing as its a holiday i have to wait till tomorrow.

god this is bugging me. i hope its something obvious that ill find easly =\
If the volume knobs on the guitar itself are all set to on, and that's all good, and the battery is in correctly, it's probably something inside the guitar... you could try taking out the input jack to see if there are any loose wires around it.
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maybe its the cables

it worked on my other guitar with the same cables so no its not the cables.

im pretty convinced that its the wiring in the guitar. my dads taking it into the store tomorrow. hopefull they will fix it without extorting lots and lots of money.
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Sounds like the output jack wire came off ... a 30-second job with a $12 soldering kit from RadioShack.

You can fix this yourself.

uh, how do i do that? i don't wanna mess anything up =\
Have you tried switching to the bridge or neck pickup? A wire could have come loose.
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uh, how do i do that? i don't wanna mess anything up =\

It's easy, there are two wires runing to the output, one's a ground which is usualy a black wire, the other is the hot or active wire, I don't know what most people call it but I call it a hot, this is the wire that the signal actualy travels through. Once you've figured out which wire is which there are only two places to solder the wire to the jack, one corresponds with the ground and the other the hot, once you've gotten that all sorted out you just need to solder the wires back on. You can get more indepth instructions on soldering by googling "soldering instruction" or something like that. It may take a few tries but it a useful thing to get used to, I've done jobs like this many many times. The jack comeing loose is inevitable, plus it's good practice for if you ever want to switch out any other electrical components in your guitar. Oh yeah, some essential materials, which should be covered in any instructions you find but I'll go over it too. A soldering iron (obviously) a 30-40 watt iron is good anything less than 30 isn't hot enough any more than 40 may be too hot, solder some people will suggest different kinds of solder for a job on a guitar but in my experiance it doesn't really make a difference, um, a de-soldering braid or a de-soldering bulb is a good thing to have one or the other, these will allow you to remove solder if you make a mistake or to remove solder that was previously used on the jack, tip tinner you just melt a little on to the tip of the soldering iron and it helps to distribute heat to whatever you're soldering, and a spair jack is a good thing to pick up just incase there's something wrong with the old one, and a wire stripper, and a wire cutter. The whole shopping list shouldn't cost more than about $40, and you can pick everything up at a radioshack or some similar store...