I'm looking for a pedal that can give me a good tone especially for solos. Something that sounds like some of Jimmy Page's solos is about what I'm aiming for. Can anyone give me some recommendations?
A Marshall Guv'nor should do the trick
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probably some type of overdrive pedal like a tubescreamer or something.
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Jimmy Page experimented with a variety of tones.

Is there a particular guitar solo you are thinking about?
I'd get a new amp instead, really most of your tone comes from the amp and most pedals for solos are made to boost tube amps...

I have a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET, which is AWESOME for solos, espeically the comp cut, however only on good tube amps.
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Jimmy Page experimented with a variety of tones.

Is there a particular guitar solo you are thinking about?

I was thinking like the solos in Heartbreaker and Whole Lotta Love

I've been thinking about a TS-9, that might do the trick for me, but I'll stay open to more reccomendations.
I think your going to want a tube amp... If you want to get good classic marshally tone that is...

Traynor YCV50/40
Peavey Classic 30
Crate Palomino v32

those amps should get you some page-esque tones for under 700
Well according to Page the Heartbreaker solo is just a Marshall, the wisest choice for that would be a new amp. Even something cheap like the Valve Jr. would do better than most pedals.

The Whole Lotta Love solo is a bit different, it's the fuzz on a Vox Super Beatle.

So considering you'll need a little versatility then, this my suggstion: http://gundrymedia.typepad.com/throbak_electronics/2006/11/stone_bender_mk.html

Though you're not after his Tonebender tone, the pregain will tame it and make useful for the tones you're after. I'd avoid a TS9 if you're after a Page tone.
Thanks, Led, that was a big help. I'll try to get my hands on that Stone Bender, and try out some similar options.