do you consider yourself good at guitar?

I have played for like 6 months, and I am by no means what I would consider good, or close to good. I can play basic solos and some parts of songs, but no full songs, and my playing doesn't always sound very clean (as in it's pretty sloppy). When would you say you started calling yourself good?
its just subjetive. you usually dont start calling yourself good until another people say youre good or until you achieve a point you want to reach.

also, it depends on how much of your head you have up the ass. there are guys im my school screaming "im teh shredzorz" when they dont have an idea of what a G chord means or what a scale is.

When you can play any peice of music at anytime. Just sound like you got to practice little more dude. 1st 6th months to a year are always slow.
I still don't call myself good and I've been playing for a few years now; I'd say I'm adequate.

Call yourself good when you think you are; there's no set level for "good".
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When you no longer feel the need to ask the question.
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Nope, just been playing a day. The day i consider myself good is the day i master canon rock and cliffs of dover